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Free Roof Inspection with Certificate

When was the last time you had your roof inspected?


Now that our two-week stretch of rain and storms have passed in the Central Texas area, have you thought recently about your roof? When is the last time you either went up there yourself to look at its condition or had a licensed professional roofing inspector give you an assessment?


Texas storms can be fierce, often times with hail, torrential rain and damaging wind. If your roof suffers damage from any of these forces of nature, it could lead to water leaks, higher utility bills and costly repairs. It’s important to have your roof checked out periodically to make sure it’s maintained and functioning properly.


I’d like to introduce you to my friend Paul Jones, owner of Universal Construction and Roofing. He is a great guy, and really knows what he is doing. He and his company are reputable, capable and honest. He has graciously offered to clients and friends of Everist Mortgage a complimentary roof inspection.


Simply contact him (contact details below) and let him know you received this offer and are a client or friend of mine at Everist Mortgage. He will help you set up a convenient day and time when they can come out, get up on your roof and check it out thoroughly. When he is done, he will go over its condition with you and offer any recommendations. He will give you a certificate of inspection for your records.


If by chance there is damage from hail or other issues, you may be eligible to file an insurance claim and get your roof replaced, with only the cost of your deductible. Paul is also a licensed insurance adjuster, so he knows how this process works. If your roof needs repairs or replacement, he can work to get your claim covered with minimal cost to you. He has helped many homeowners in the Austin and Central Texas area, and I can highly recommend him.


Paul Jones, Owner: 512-966-0439
Email address:


PS: If you would like a free copy of the inspection checklist, email or call me and I’ll send you one.